Carol Friedman of Happy Healthy and Whole is a trainer and coach who works with individuals on Chicago's North Shore to help them live well and achieve goals in a mindful and holistic way.

Ever notice how when you start exercising then you also begin to improve at work, make progress on all kinds of projects and get better organized? The little things that used to frustrate you don’t seem quite as daunting any more.

Happy, Healthy and Whole builds on this type of energy to create a sustainable process for you to reach your goals and beyond.

Why a Trainer/Coach?
Change is hard and many people need support to break through resistance and reach their goals. The most successful people admit this and have a coach, trainer or mentor who supports them in their efforts to connect to the life they want to live.

Contacting Carol Friedman at 847.866.9692 brings you one step closer to making that connection, getting things done and living a life that is happy, healthy and whole.